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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  December 26, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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yesterday christmas 65. today at philadelphia international airport coming in at 50 degrees. average for this time of year is 42. we were above that once again today. outside this evening it's 46 in philadelphia, 39 though in the poconos, 45 in trenton. along the coast from beach haven down sea isle city that temperature holding at 46. 46 degrees in dover. so here's satellite 6 along with action radar. you can see it is quiet with high pressure in control. we've got a mostly clear sky overhead and it will stay that way for the rest of tonight. so, if you're stepping out on the town we've got you covered as we look at our evening planner, you could see 7 o'clock this evening 45 degrees. still above average. 8 o'clock, mostly clear, 43. 42 at 9 o'clock tonight and we'll drop down to 41 at 10 o'clock this evening. so, the weekend call from accuweather showing you it's still mild tomorrow, sunny and mild, above average and at 55 but on sunday we are tracking some showers overhead and those clouds still move in with a high temperature then of 50 degrees.
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so, once this front moves in for the second half of our weekend we are tracking some much colder changes on the way for next week. we'll go over all of those details coming up with the full and exclusive accuweather forecast. we'll send it back inside to you shirleen. >> sounds good. thank you melissa. clear skies and mild weather created perfect conditions for shopping especially people looking to skip the mall and search for deals outside. "action news" reporter annie mccormick is in dillworth park tonight where she caught up with lots of determined center city shoppers. hey, annie. >> reporter: hey, and normally it's people that want to return those christmas gifts they didn't really like that come out or the people looking for the deals on the day after christmas but today everybody is telling us it's the weather that brought them out here to center city. center city is alive with the sounds of shoppers. >> it's crazy. it's nice to see it's not too congested. >> philadelphia is becoming a little new york. >> reporter: this friday after christmas has people meeting up for holiday fun shopping for deals and checking outer the sights.
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>> we went over to continental for lunch and we had a cup of cocktails. [laughter] >> just one, just one. >> and now we hit nordstrom's. >> reporter: new stores are hoping boost business and fixtures like the shops at liberty place and local businesses have people coming back but the big draw today, the weather. >> can't beat it. you know, good weather, good sales, saving money. >> it's very packed. it's amazing today. much more than the whole christmas holiday. i wonder why. blue skies. >> reporter: and back out here live as those temperatures start to drop even though it was really warm today, it's never too warm to take a loop around the rothman ice rink here at dillworth park and now as temperatures begin to drop, the line is getting longer but it's not too late if you're at home and want to put on your ice skates you still have a couple hours you can come out here. for now reporting live in center city, annie mccormick channel6 "action news." >> i just might do that. thank you annie.
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remember before you head out to the mall this weekend, you can get updates from accuweather with the new visit for storm tracker 6 radar, both the hourly and seven-day forecast latest video from "action news" meteorologists and our collection of photos and videos. >> a burlington county community woke up to discover vandals had targeted christmas decorations in their neighborhood. "action news" reporter david hennessey in marlton tonight with more on what they took. davidism rick, christmas ended on a sour note for residents in marlton. vandals went through the neighborhood last night even taking the baby jesus from this manger scene. >> every year for the past 20 years or so we set up this major scene. >> reporter: it's a dillon family tradition, midnight mass in philadelphia and then returning home to place baby jesus in the manger. it was gone when they woke up this morning. >> it's sad that especially at the time of the holidays that
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people would think of vandalism and, you know, doing things like this and our neighbors we try to bring some beauty and grace to the neighborhood and to the people, it's a tough time, it is. >> reporter: when ed dillon starter looking around for the missing baby jesus he noticed something protruding from the storm drain across the street. it was one of his neighbor's reindeer. mike marone found out when ed knocked on his door. >> we deal with pranks here and there but around christmas and then to steal decorations tour break them like again the reindeer here was stuffed into the storm drain. >> reporter: they retrieved the reindeer but its head had been broken off. it's been enough to deflate the christmas spirit around here. >> puts a sour note. it's just upsetting for the children to see and just really unnecessary. police got a number of reports of similar vandalism in the neighborhood. they suspect it may be some kids with nothing better to do. ed dillon is hoping his baby jesus shows up safe and sound
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somewhere. if not there will be another one here next year. >> we'll overcome. i mean, we already have some plans where we can go and get another one but again, it won't what has been part of our family and our life for 20 years. >> reporter: but at least one of the neighbors has video surveillance video cameras. the police are hoping they captured an image of the vandal. he's a mean one, probably covered with green fur. live in marlton, david henry, channel6 "action news." rick. >> all right, david, thank you. police were questioning the owner of a vehicle that smashed into a a bucks county home and then left the scene. shortly after the incident an elderly woman who lived in the home died. police say the driver of this red pickup truck slammed into jenny russo's home on red brook lane in levittown around 2:00 a.m. this morning. her family says russo has been on hospice care and was only a frail 58 pounds. she wasn't actually hit by the truck but her family believes the trauma of the incident was too much for russo schenn passed away. police located the pickup truck in bristol township
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today and as we said they are now interviewing the owner. so far no charges have been filed. >> strangers have come together to raise nearly half a million dollars for the family of a maryland woman who was killed when a jet crashed into her home and the victim has ties to our area. marie gemmell and her two young sons died when the jet hit their suburban d.c. home back on december 8. gemmell grew up in brick township and graduated from rowan university. an online fundraiser has collected more than $486,000 in donations. gemmell it's husband and young daughter were not home at the time of the crash. a friend of the family also collected hundreds of gifts and thousands of dollars worth of gift cards for the family. a montgomery township grandmother is back with her family after she was reported missing wednesday afternoon. 94-year-old stella mininger was spotted in mount laurel new jersey after an "action news" viewer recognized her from this photo she saw on the
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news. her family reported her missing after she didn't make to it a relatives' house ahead of the christmas holiday. police have not released any further details about her disappearance. they would only confirm that she is now safe. >> two septa transit police officers visited the newborn baby today that they helped deliver on the market frankford el yesterday. they arrived at hahnemann university hospital today with a few gifts for the baby boy. cameras were rolling as the officers guided the mom to be through labor last night on the train. mom and baby are both in good condition. the officers are being hailed as heroes but they say they were just doing their job. >> not always just the bad. we're going to be here to help you and get that sense of community policing. >> i probably will never experience something like this again. it was a beautiful moment. >> by the way the baby was named chris after christmas of course. >> lots of good cops out there that's for sure. >> uh-huh.
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>> time for the "action news" traffic report. >> matt pelman standing by in the "action news" traffic center and matt we're getting close to the end of 2014. >> oh, my goodness, yeah, that's true. exciting days the next few as we sort of go back and look back and recounter the great days of 2014. hey, i told you guys last time and i'm sure you remember because i know you take scrupulous notes over there that i would let you know if we found a research for that that eastbound schuylkill delay. it was a broken down vehicle blocking the left lane on the eastbound side near the conshohocken curve. they just got it pushed off to the shoulder but you're still looking at extra heavy traffic as you come eastbound from past gulph mills to this point at the curve. it's a spot that would normally be busy but it was looking extra heavy this afternoon and we were wondering why. well, that was the reason. also have crash giving us extra slowing on 422 this afternoon westbound by keim street. speeds in the 40's. a wreck in springfield township delaware county along because pike 320, sproul road by the target and evesham township burlington county wreck by the elmwood business park along 70 giving us
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restrictions there. berlin a downed pole blocking the right lane on the white horse pike on tansboro road by the pnc bank. don't forget patco running on a modified weekday schedule today. same with the septa subways and city buses but the suburban buses and regional rails are on normal weekday schedules. we'll check in again in the next half hour. >> see you then. much more still to come on "action news" friday night. the city of new york pays its respects to a fallen officer. coming up more on the service for officer rafael ramos. >> a local fitness instructor is tackling serious health problems with a board game there gets kids moving. reporter and registered nurse ali gorman has the story coming up next. >> and we'll check back in with meteorologist melissa weekend forecast from accuweather when "action news" at 5:00 comes right back. >> ♪
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>> a driver destroyed a memorial for slain teen michael brown this morning. the washington post shared these images of what the memorial for the 18-year-old looked like after someone drove through it. brown was unarmed when he was killed in august by a ferguson
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missouri police officer shortly after the memorial was damaged, the twitter user shared another photo showing it had been rebuilt. solemn ceremonies taking place today to mark the 10 year anniversary of the indian ocean tsunami disaster. it was the third largest earthquake ever recorded measuring at a magnitude of 9.9. it create add tsunami that hammered the coastline of 14 countries in southeast asia. more than 1 million people were displaced by the disaster and more than more than 225,000 people were killed. >> former president george h.w. bush remains in a houston texas hospital tonight. a family spokesperson says the 90-year-old is in great spirits at houston methodist hospital. he was transport there had on tuesday after experiencing shortness of breath. bush is the oldest living former american president. health check tonight a local fitness trainer create add new board game. it gets people up and moving
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and thinking about better health. >> health reporter and registered nurse ali gorman is at the big board with details. >> reporter: with many games you're sitting there and the longer that you sit the less healthy it is for you body. so this new game takes a totally different approach. two years ago trainer ricky williams got the idea for body breaker, a board game designed to make exercise fun. second graders at west oak lane charter school got to try it out. players roll the dice and depending where their game piece lands. >> ready, setting go. >> reporter: they have to do a physical exercise. there are also question cards, testing your knowledge of anatomy, health and nutrition. >> which of these attach muscles to the bone. >> if you answer a question right. you get to make me work out. if you get it wrong you're working out.
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>> everybody get up. you got 20 seconds left. >> reporter: body breaker got the students up and moving and learning new things. >> that it makes cholesterol. >> reporter: it was a good way to burn off excess energy on a day that was too cold for outdoor recess. >> it definitely, definitely has an effect on them. exercise to get moving in order to maximize our classroom attention and learning and everything else. >> reporter: the winner is determined by whoever has the most energy bar cards left. you lose one each time miss a question. but williams says in the end, everyone wins by exercising. and there are no limits on how many people can play and it can be played by ages eight to 80. it costs $35. it's available on high pressure so we have a link to learn more about it on rick and shirleen, back over to you guys. another ricky williams. >> that's right. and he's in great shape like -- well, maybe not.
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>> reporter: i'm not saying anything. >> i'm not saying anything, either. >> ♪ >> much more still to come on "action news" tonight. "the interview" is out in theaters but was it a if this details when we come back. >> take the new with you wherever you go. the new smart design changes the layout to fit any device including tablets and your smartphone no matter how small or large your screen. check it out by visiting any time anywhere. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> sony's controversial film "the interview" generated more than a million dollars in ticket sales on christmas day. the film opened at 331 locations yesterday and made an average of $3,000 at each theater. many theaters reported selling out showings. the opening followed sony's initial decision to pull the movie after hackers made threats against theaters that showed the film. well, coming up at 5:30 tonight we'll have much more on the release and the ongoing fallout. >> today is a big day for retailers in britain and across the british
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commonwealth. it is boxing day traditionally the day after christmas is when shoppers line up to snag post holiday discounts. the holiday named after the boxes that most gifts are wrapped in. in australia shoppers are expected to spend $2.1 billion on the holiday. that is up from 100 million last year. >> back here in center city philadelphia today, people young and old were having a foot stomping good time thanks to a popular play that's back in town. >> ♪ >> cast members from the show stomp were showcasing their creativity. they gave onlookers a special lesson on how to make music using your hands feet or every day objects like trash cans. admission was to simply bring a canned good to help stomp out hunger. stomp is in town at the merriam theater through december 30. >> there is more to come on "action news" tonight and
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looking outside with sky 6 hd, a nice night out there. meteorologist melissa magee has your accuweather forecast coming up next. >> ♪
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>> time now for accuweather. a nice day after christmas. i love these mild temperatures, melissa.
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>> really nice shirleen and rick. in fact we'll show you the picture outside, sky 6 live in hd giving you a gorgeous shot of the center city skyline on this friday. we've got a mostly clear sky overhead and temperatures still pretty mild at this hour coming in at 46 degrees in philadelphia. average for us this time of year is 42. so, most are still above that tonight. we'll check out some of the numbers across much of the area. 41 in allentown, 45 in trenton, 46 in sea isle city. as we move over into lancaster coming in at 45 degrees, dover also in the upper 40's. here's satellite6 along with action radar. high pressure over the southern states and with this ridge of high pressure in control, we're tapping into a west to southwesterly wind and that's why these temperatures are nice and mild. but if you look off to the north and west we're actually tracking some precipitation across the nation's heartland. that works its way eastward as we get into the second half of weekend and with that we do have some cooler changes on the way. so we'll check out what we can expect as we press forward into our weekend.
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you could see on saturday north and west of town and allentown it's mostly sunny and nice with a temperature coming in at 52 degrees. still above average. if your destination over the weekend takes you down the shore in atlantic city we've got you covered with that. sunshine and clouds. lift a nice and mild one with a temperature coming in at 55 degrees. but changes are on the way and we'll time out the precipitation for you. future tracker 6 showing you saturday it's mostly sunny and dry with high pressure in control. get out and enjoy the milder air overhead. but as we get into the second half of the weekend on sunday, 8 o'clock in the morning it's mostly cloudy and you notice some showers popping up across our northern west suburbs, even up through the poconos. as i continue to advance this as we get into the afternoon hours that front will work its way eastward. once it arrives across our region its moisture starved so there's not going to be a whole lot of precipitation on the way. you might want to have the wet weather gear in case you're stepping out on sunday afternoon because those showers will be around and then after the front moves through these temperatures will cool down for the second half of our weekend and into
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next week. the call from accuweather for the rest of tonight, it's mostly clear to chilly, 34 in philadelphia for the overnight low, 30 in allentown and we'll drop down to 35 degrees in cape may and 32 degrees will be the overnight low in dover. your five day at 5:00 showing you it's mostly sunny and mild, high temperature coming in at 55 degrees. tomorrow. on sunday a high temperature up to 50 degrees, still nice and mild but mostly cloudy and we have tracking those showers once we get into the afternoon hours on sunday. monday a shower early. we'll start to dry out by 8, 9 o'clock in the morning on monday. otherwise that high temperature colder and at 40 and the 30's are back as we get into tuesday and wednesday. we'll take a closer look at that seven day coming up in the next half hour guys. >> thank you melissa. much more still to come in our next half hour of "action news" at 5:00. gamers who use play station and xbox feeling frustrated this christmas. they've been knocked offline and a group of hackers is claiming responsibility. >> an emotional day in new
5:27 pm
york city as thousands turn out to say goodbye to an answer slain in the line of duty. >> how many people are returning unwanted gifts in storm. a number of people are preparing to ship them back. we've got the latest numbers for you. that and more when "action news" at 5:00 continues in just a moment.
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>> ♪ >> "action news" continues with meteorologist adam joseph. jamie apody, rick williams and joseph. >> ♪ >> hello again. here is what's happening on "action news" tonight. millions of gamers were knocked offline and a hacking group is claiming responsibility. what the group says can be done to stop their attack. plus, police are searching for a pair of thieves caught on camera roughing up two employees at a north philadelphia pizza shop and if you're planning on sending back one of the gifts you bought online you are not alone. ups revealed just how busy they expect to be in the coming days. >> now the details. two popular online gaming systems may have fallen victim to some grinch-like hackers. microsoft xbox live and sony's play station network were offline for christmas day and overnight. a hacking group that once
5:30 pm
knocked the vatican offline is claiming responsibility and it comes on the heels of sony's massive cyber attack scandal which nearly forced the cancellation of the controversial new movie the interview. abc's emmett miller has more. >> not cool with this. >> reporter: it's a first round christmas knockout at the box office. "the interview" sony's spoof about the assassination of north korean leader kim jong-un debuted in over 300 theaters christmas day. according to sony the film featured numerous sellouts an first day grows of over $1 million. the film star seth rogen handing out branded t-shirts and rocket shaped water bottles at an l.a. showing. >> reporter: judging by the numbers the film is a hit but the hackers hit back. a group calling itself the lizard squad claims to have disrupted the online portion of the interview's release. some users of microsoft's xbox life and sony's play station network were denied. >> they did what happens every day, there's a thing called
5:31 pm
denial of service. >> reporter: security analyst brad garrett says that's where a hacker overwhelms the servers so users can't sign on. and if it was the north koreans. >> the uniqueness of how the code was written including access to certain passwords would suggest they had inside help. >> reporter: sony pulled the interview amid 9/11 type threats. >> ♪ >> reporter: and for this crowd in atlanta, the experience is nothing short of patriotic: despite the hack attack "the interview" has become the best seller on google play and youtube movies lizard says they'll stop the attacks as soon as use ertz call attention to them on twitter. in los angeles, emmett miller abc news. >> awake is under under way in new york city for one of the police officers ambushed and killed last saturday. the sidewalks were lined with fellow officers, family members and ordinary citizens as the casket of officer
5:32 pm
rafael ramos was carried into church. ramos was active in that church and was training to become a lay chaplain. the funeral for officer wenjan liu is pending but his family was there as former new york mayor rudy giuliani detailed a found pay off the mortgages for both men. >> you and i can go to bed, our children can go to bed, our parents can go to bed safe because this family and the ramos family sacrificeed their son, their husband, the bread winner of the family. >> 25,000 police officers from around the country are expected to attend tomorrow's funeral. the philadelphia police department has chartered three buses to bring its officers there. vice president joe biden is also expected to attend. a protest march against police brutality in oakland california turned destructive late last night. this was called the no time off march. they intended to keep police
5:33 pm
busy and they did. protesters attacked the city's christmas tree and smashed about 30 windows. they also set fire to a dumpster and looted a liquor store. >> investigators are trying to determine the cause afire this morning at a home in levittown. chopper 6 hd was over the scene at 48 candytuft road. you could see an upstairs window knocked out there. no injuries were reported. the cause of the fire still under investigation. philadelphia police are searching for two men who robbed a little caesar's in north philadelphia and beat two employees to get the money. surveillance cameras captured the crime which happened on monday night at the store on the 1100 block of west girard avenue. the men burst into the store and demand money from the clerks. they handed some over but the robbers wandered more. the thieves tried to get to the safe, get the keys to the safe but when an employee told them he didn't have a code one of the suspects punched and kicked the employee. the suspects then took off. >> in other news the malls have been busy today with people making returns or hoping to save big on
5:34 pm
post-christmas bargains. the cherry hill mall in new jersey opened at 7:00 this morning. retailers say it's been a solid holiday shopping season and they are hoping it continues through the end of the year. >> there's still deals there. stores really don't want to take any merchandise into the spring. they want to sell everything that they have. so, what they haven't sold before christmas they generally mark down a little bit further. >> we actually just walked through express and it's 50 percent off everything. >> everything in the store. >> really. >> we'll definitely go back there. >> december 26th has become the second busiest shopping day of the year. >> well, so many people bought their gifts on high pressure this holiday season and ups is expecting a record number of return packages for 4 million to be exact. the delivery company expects january 6th to be their busiest day which when customers will ship about 800,000 packages back to retailers and merchants.
5:35 pm
ups officials shows the company's return policy is becoming increasingly important to consumers. well, here's a sight that proves the year is coming to a close. the mummers parade is a few days away and the spring string bands are fine tuning their performances. this is the woodland string band putting final touches on their costumes today in south philadelphia. >> the fact that they make those costumes by hand is incredible. >> uh-huh. >> it is time now for the "action news" traffic report on a friday night. how is that commute looking. >> hi, matt. >> you know those mummers a philadelphia classic of course kind of like our schuylkill expressway. it's one of a kind and of course on a day when most of the highways look good, even the schuylkill it doesn't look so good, even today. we're watching the scene of a disabled vehicle here on the eastbound side by the conshohocken curve now off to the side but still giving us some stop and go traffic eastbound from past 202 through this point at the curve and westbound is just as heavy. nothing happening on the westbound side right now in terms of accidents or broken down vehicles, just a lot of heavy traffic headed out towards king of prussia, maybe to return some of those
5:36 pm
unwanted gift. in upper merion watching a crash along 23 river road and mccoy's lane and we still have the wreck on 422 westbound direction at keim street, speeds just in the 20's there. through the pottstown area. in berlin camden county still have that downed pole. it's been there all afternoon along the white horse pike at tansboro road taking out the right lane there by the rite-aid and the pnc bank and don't forget if you're taking to the tracks patco running on a modified weekday schedule, same with the septa subways and city buses. suburban buses and the regional rails on a normal weekday schedule. rick and shirleen have a great weekend. >> you, too. >> enjoy it. the seven day celebration of kwanzaa began today. it is a celebration of culture in the african-american community. festivities will be held across our area from now until january 1st. tonight is the first of seven candles will be lit by observers. each one represents a different principle like unity faith purpose and creativity. >> and there's much more still
5:37 pm
to come on "action news" tonight. if you didn't get the gaming system you wanted this holiday season. good news. consumer reports ranks which systems are best for your needs. >> plus, football players from penn state clear on a different sort of competition. we'll tell you why these guys were ringing the opening bell on wall street. melissa. >> and shirleen the mild air is across much of the midatlantic region with temperatures currently in the upper 40's, even some 50's down across the south. the mild air continues for part of the week. we'll take a closer look with the accuweather forecast. >> all right. much more when "action news" at 5:00 continues in just a moment. >> ♪ no matter who you are,
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lower your blood sugar with invokana®. imagine loving your numbers. ask your doctor about invokana®. >> we all know midwesterners are a hearty bunch but it didn't take much to convince several golf stories hit the greens in chicago today. temperatures were near 50 degrees, much of the course was still covered in snow but this inventive group just played around it. >> uh-huh. >> still looked like fine. >> yeah. >> time for sports. jamie apody live in the "action news" sports center with a closer look at this
5:41 pm
final football game of the season and well i guess we got to watch just out of curiosity jamie what do you think. >> we have to. one last hurrah. it may be a meaningless game but to the eagles sub par secondary it's like a super bowl. a chance to get something good on tape because we know a lot of these guys wop be here next year. however what a challenge it will be for them. they face an owed dell beckham jr., the giants rookie wide receiver has 79 catches for over 11 touchdowns despite the fact he missed the first four games of the season. of course he made arguably one of the greatest catches of all time earlier this year. chip kelly said this week that can cat can play. he was super high on him in the draft. beckham went 12th. >> owed dell beckham i thought he was a great player and he's showing it right now. i don't think this is a draft where he was slotted and all those other things. when you look at the tape, that cat can play and i think he's proved it in 11 games he's got, what, 79 catches and doing a ton of really good
5:42 pm
things so i can tell a really good player i guess. >> he kind of exploded in the last month, so he's a much improved player. got more comfortable. they're pushing the ball to him in the offense so we need to be ready for him. >> of course if the eagles want to win on sunday and it appears can chip kelly wants to win, they have to take care of the football, something they have yet to do this season and that is their achilles heal says espn nfl nfl analyst ron jaworski. >> ♪ >> i kind of feel we've been talking about turnovers since week one. the eagles continue to be careless with the football. 35 giveaways, the most in the national football league. what stat is more important than taking care of the football? and this eagles team all season long has been careless with the football. until they learn that that football is a block block of
5:43 pm
gold they're going to continue to lose football games because of it. >> it's the last hurrah for the eagles and game day coverage. tune into game day kickoff live at 11:30 a.m. then our final eagles game day final 11:35 p.m. sunday here on channel 6. the sixers are in portland tonight looking to do something they haven't done in almost a year and that's win three straight. all four of their wins this season have actually come on the road. how about that? penn state getting set for their first bowl game since the whole jerry sandusky scandal by ringing the bell at the new york stocks exchange today. tomorrow they'll face boston college at yankee stadium. they're six and six. this is an opportunity for the nittany lyons to avoid a losing season. james frankel says for the guys who stuck it out this means so much more. >> we don't have one guy in our program that's won a bowl game. we've kind of went back and did some research. i don't have anybody in the program that can tell the young guys what it's like to
5:44 pm
win a bowl game and what it takes and what is necessary and that's -- that's unheard of if you think about it. >> finally something you have to see in the hawaii bowl where in the fourth quarter rice handed the ball off to senior running back jason carter all 4 foot 9-inches 140 pounds of him. look at him. rice has a disorder that stunts growth. he picked up 2 yards on the carry. a last hurrah for him and it's proof that no matter how small you are, as long as your heart is big, that's all that matters. is big, that's all that >> i agree. thank you, jamie. well, if you didn't get the gaming consoles you wanted for the holidays it might be time to start shopping. besides playing video games high end consoles can stream video surf the web and help you get in shape and this year there's a new choice for pint sized players. here's consumer reporter nydia han with details. >> reporter: consumer reports says check out the top options when it comes to gaming consoles to help you make the best choice.
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>> ♪ >> reporter: in this consumer reports lab, gaming expert matt and others check out the xbox one from microsoft, the nintendo wii u, sony's play station four and newcomer leap tv from leapfrog. it comes with educational games an controller that's just right for little hands. leap tv is aimed at children three to eight for $150. if you're choosing a console for older kids expect to pay a lot more. >> the question you should ask yourself when picking a console is do you want it just for gaming or do you want all of your entertainment. while any of the higher ends consoles will stream xbox one has advantages of an entertainment hub. when bundled with a connect motion sensing commander you can use voice command. >> xbox watch tv. >> reporter: and switch easily between games and watching tv without having to pick up app separate remote. >> if you like -- the play statn
5:46 pm
four has built in plew ray. it shines for gamers who like graphics intensive games and wants to share video clips or live stream or sample a friend's game over the internet. >> they have a button on the controller. you press the share button and after you hit that one button you have all the play station sharing features. >> reporter: if you don't want your kids to view shared contender it can be tricky to restrict and finally if having the greatest selection of family friendly games is your priority the wii u is the console that. the wii u costs $300 play station $400, xbox one is $4,420. you can find the consoles bundled with different games and accessories at a discount so it pays to shop around. i'm nydia hean, channel6 "action news." >> now she tells me. [laughter] >> thanks nydia. much more still to come an actor from a hit show in the 90's is under arrest. what police in wisconsin say
5:47 pm
screech did to deserve this smiling mug shot. hd has a beautiful look of the skyline. melissa magee has exclusive accuweather forecast coming up next for making me wait longer to share my photo albums. thank you cable, because if we never had you... we wouldn't know the incredible difference verizon fios makes. the numbers don't lie. in customer satisfaction studies, fios is rated #1 in internet speed and reliability, and hd picture quality. so join the millions who enjoy the difference fios makes. get a fios triple play online at an amazing price guaranteed for two whole years. plus now get $400 bonus with a two year agreement. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v
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>> what better way to wake up on a lazy day after christmas and to jump into the icy river
5:50 pm
for a race. and that is what dozens of people did in prague. these swimmers braced the 32-degree waters on race day. there are three different lengths and we're told the further you swim, the colder the water. some of these swimmers have trained all year long for this. competition. >> yeah, i think i'll pass on that. >> yikes. >> cold looking at that video. good grief. [laughter] >> yesterday was mild enough to perhaps stick your foot in the water for a little. >> if you wanted to. >> if you wanted to. >> maybe even stick back out. >> you got it. >> put some socks on. >> exactly, warm your toes up. that mild air is going to continue for our region. you can see storm tracker 6 live double scan radar, no issues with precipitation, no wet weather that weaver tracking and milder temperatures on the way this weekend. we'll show you the picture outside. the action cam was outside earlier this afternoon on this friday. we're looking at eakins oval. at least part of the oval pretty close to the art museum
5:51 pm
peaking through the trees and we have green on the ground and a bright blue sky overhead and with that sky year head and plenty of sunshine temperatures were above average. mild today. philadelphia coming in at 15 degrees, 8 degrees above our average of 42 for this time of year. outside this evening it's 45 in trenton, 39 up in the poconos. allentown the lehigh valley 41. in sea isle city 44 degrees. dover 46. the middle 40's out to the west there in lancaster. here's satellite6 along with action radar. nice and dry and quiet from new england down across the midatlantic region. you can see a few more clouds building across areas in the ohio valley. those will stay away from our region for the rest of tonight. in fact we have high pressure in control situated just to our south and east so with that high to our south we'll tap into a southwesterly wind flow just in time for our weekend. so here's the setup for us on our saturday. definitely warm for december. we'll tap into those southwesterly winds. high temperature tomorrow in philadelphia coming in at 55 degrees. that's at least 13 degrees above average. there is a cold front,
5:52 pm
however, off to our west and that cold front is poised to move through once we get into sunday afternoon and with that we are tracking a little bit of wet weather. we'll time it out for you. future tracker 6 showing you 9 o'clock in the morning on sunday it's mostly cloudy and those showers are developing. they will move in from a west-east direction. this front however is moisture starved. there's just not a lot of precipitation on the way on sunday but you do notice by noon most locations could find a little bit of wet weather so make sure you have that wet weather gear close to you and once that front moves on through late sunday night into monday, we start the cool back down and a dose of reality on the way. it's mostly clear, 30 in allentown, 34 for the overnight low in philadelphia, 39 along the coast and the boardwalk and 35 degrees for the overnight low in cape may. here's the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, saturday 55 degrees. sunday still mild, not bad up to 50. remember average for us this time of year is 42. lots of clouds around and then we're tracking that rain as we
5:53 pm
get into late sunday. into monday there could also be a few leftover showers. otherwise that high temperature coming in at 40 so much cooler in the wake of that front. on tuesday here we go an arctic blast on the way, brisk and colder, high temperature 38. and just in time for new year's eve, some sun. it's going to be cold as we ring in the new year, a temperature around 33 degrees and it's going to be cold for the mummers day parade on thursday. partly sunny, a high of 36. the upper 30's with increasing clouds as we get into friday. so the weekend gets mild and these temperatures get cold if not colder as we get into next weekend, guys. >> okay, thank you melissa. weekend, guys. >> is always there with the latest from accuweather and storm tracker 6. check the live radar, see the seven-day the and hourly forecasts and get the latest updates from our team of "action news" meteorologists. it's all at >> on our people scene now, he won't be saved by the bell this time. the actor who played screech has been arrested.
5:54 pm
dustin diamond is accused of pulling a knife on someone in port washington wisconsin. this is his mug shot. police say the actor got into a bar fight. diamond says he was with his girlfriend when a group of people began harassing him. a scuffle broke out and one of the patrons was cut by the knife. diamond is facing several charges including disorderly conduct and carrying a concealed weapon. diamond played screech powers on the 1990's hit show saved by the bell. >> and still to come on and anna are right where they belong on the ice. >> we'll take you to the wells fargo when we come back
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
>> it is the hottest ticket in town. elsa and anna came to life at the wells fargo center today in the disney on ice performance of "frozen." thousands of young fans packed the seats to watch their favorite sisters as well as olaf and sven reenact the
5:57 pm
story of magic and mystery. disney of course is the parent company of 6abc. >> haven't seen "frozen." >> you haven't seen it yet isn't no. >> what are you waiting for. >> right now jim gardner and the "action news" team are standing by with these stories and more next at six ooh. cause for a high five. everyone is excited about there baby born on a septa subway. today the police who made the delivery got to meet the little boy and find out what he has been named. plus, dozens of students escape injury in a bus crash on the boulevard extension. >> also, sea legs will meet some of the local coast guardsmen who are back home for new year's after a long deployment. that and much more coming up next at 6:00 for jamie apody shirleen allicott, the entire "action news" team, i'm rick williams. have a nice weekend. good night.
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with ducis rodgers, meteorologist cecily tynan and jim gardner. >> ♪ >> friday night. if you enjoyed today the's sunshine you'll like the weekend outlook. it's a bizarre hit and run crash into a home. there are major developments after the striking truck is found. but the big story on "action news" tonight is philadelphia's christmas miracle one day later. in fact, it was 24 hours and seven minutes ago when two septa transit police officers helped deliver a baby on board the market frankford el as it motored towards 15th and market and today the two law men were reunited with both mom and her newborn son. "action news" reporter eva
6:00 pm
pilgrim is live outside hahnemann university hospital. eva, this is a story that's making everybody in philadelphia feel good tonight. >> reporter: jim, you just can't help but feel good about this story. two septa transit officers helped bring a special christmas delivery and today they came here to hahnemann to finally officially meet that bundle of joy. it was a special reunion for the officers who helped deliver a christmas miracle. >> it was really emotional. >> it got tearful it really d the mom all she could say to us is i remember you. >> reporter: they are celebrating moments after they helped delivery a baby on the market frankford el train last night. another passenger on the train captured the whole thing on his cell phone. the mother was traveling east on the train when the baby decided he just couldn't wait. today the two officers came to hahnemann hospital to bring the mom and baby a stuffed train along with other gifts from septa to


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